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U.S GeoEye Company Mr. Gene Dial Visited the Center
Source:China Centre For Resources Satellite Data and Application | PublishDate:2015-11-06 17:02:56 | [print] | [close]|

  On June 16, 2009, accompanied by Mr. Zhou Zikuan, the deputy general manager of Beijing Earth Observation Inc., Mr. Gene Dial form U.S GeoEye Company visited China Center for Resources Satellite Data and Application (hereinafter referred to as the “center”) and had a talk with the technology personnel of the center. 

  Mr. Gene Dial is the director of U.S GeoEye Company Product Engineering Department, the company is the first company that establishing RPC parameter model and successfully conducted engineering applications and block adjustment.

  Accompanied by the technology personnel of the center, Mr. Gene Dial visited CBERS-02B system processing computer room and national land observation satellite system computer room. The technology personnel of the center introduced the development history of the center, emphatically introduces the basic and safeguard roles of CBERS, HJ series of satellites in local, national and global issues in the fields of resource survey, environmental protection, national defense construction, public security, disaster monitoring, and other fields, as well as contributions for the development of economic society. Mr. Gene Dial asked the technology personnel of the center for relevant issues and praised the rapid development of the center and its contributions.

  After visitation, Mr. Gene Dial had a talk with the technology personnel of the center, during the period, Hao Xuetao made a report on the existing problems of CBERS-02B data processing and quality improvement. The two parties mainly discussed the following contents:

  GeoEye has about 500 people, at present, it has two satellites of IKONOS and GeoEye-1, GeoEye-2 satellite is expected to be launched in 2011-2012, its panchromatic resolution will reach 0.25m; GeoEye-1satellite used the most advanced fixed star position finder, GPS and gyro in present world, so its positioning accuracy is the highest in present world. Monolithic uncontrolled positioning accuracy reaches 5m. The team responsible for product quality test and improvement of GeoEye Company has 10-12 people. In the respect radiation, radiation calibration adopts on-satellite internal calibration device to generate radiation rectification coefficients, and does not adopt ground laboratory radiation rectification coefficients; in on-orbit test phase, conduct test every day, record data changes until stable results; after being stable, test once every half year; in the respect of geometry, the evaluation of satellite geometric positioning and distortion needs to use about 50 scenes. Each scene GPS measures about 100 control points, and satellites further analyze distortion conditions on same area sub-satellite point imaging and left/right side view imaging, including the possible shake satellites. 

  It was learned that the center is carrying out researches related with RPC model, Mr. Gene Dial was very glad and encouraged technology personnel to study diligently and see more, and try to make RPC model apply in the data processing and applications of domestic civil use remote sensing satellite as early as possible.

  During the visitation, Mr. Gene Dial gave a good appraisal on the center, he thought that the development of the center is very rapid, meanwhile, Mr. Gene Dial wished that the center will produce products of higher quality and obtain greater achievements.



  Mr. Gene Dial (the second from right) Listened to the Introduction Given by the Center's Experts about the Conditions of the Center, CBERS and HJ series Satellite Data Applications.



  The Group Photo of Mr. Gene Dial and (the Third from Left) and Meeting Participants


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