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  CBERS-02B was launched and went into orbit successfully in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on September 19, 2007. O2B is the earth observation satellite with high, medium and low spatial resolutions, of which HR scanner with 2.36m resolution has changed the situation where foreign high-resolution satellite data has dominated domestic market for a long time. The application of 02B has wide influence on international market. In May 2007, our government jointed International Charter ‘Space and Major Disasters’ by virtue of CBERS series satellites to take the obligations to provide monitoring services for global major disasters. Chinese government representative announced the plan of sharing CBERS satellite data in international earth observation conference held in South Africa in November, 2007, which aroused strong repercussions.


Parameters of CBERS-02B satellite orbit



Parameters of payload of CBERS-02B satellite    


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