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ZY-1 02C
Source:China Centre For Resources Satellite Data and Application | PublishDate:2015-11-03 14:49:38 | [print] | [close]

  Launched on December 22, 2011, ZY-1 02C is equipped with panchromatic multispectral scanner and panchromatic high resolution scanner with main task of acquisition of panchromatic and multispectral image data and widely used in those fields such as territorial resources investigation and monitoring, disaster prevention and reduction, agriculture, forestry and water conservation, ecological environment and key national projects.

  02C satellite boasts two significant features such as 10m resolution P/MS multispectral scanner that was the one with the highest resolution in our civil remote sensing satellite at that time and two HR scanners with 2.36m resolution to provide 54km breadth so as to greatly increase the data covering capacity and shorten revisit period.


Parameters of ZY-1 02C satellite orbit

ZY-1 02C


  Parameters of payload of ZY-1 02C satellite  


  ZY-1 02C



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