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SJ-9 A/B
Source:China Centre For Resources Satellite Data and Application | PublishDate:2015-11-03 14:51:13 | [print] | [close]

  SJ-9A/B satellites, launched in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center on October 14, 2012, are the first batch of satellites launched in civil new technology pilot satellite series planning. SJ-9A is equipped with multispectral scanner with high resolution of panchromatic 2.5m/ 10m multispectrum, which falls within optical imaging payload technology pilot project. SJ-9B is equipped with 73m-long-wave infrared focal plane component test unit, which also falls within the above same project. SJ-9 image data is widely used in those fields such as territorial resources investigation and monitoring, agriculture, forestry and water conservation, urban and rural construction, environmental protection and disaster prevention and reduction and meets urgent needs of users for high resolution data.


Parameters of SJ-9 A/B satellite orbit  SJ-9


Parameters of payload of SJ-9A/B   SJ-9 A/B 

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